TUUB #artdeco

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Limited edition - TUUB #artdeco.

  • Comfortable
  • Versatile
  • Perfect for party
  • Good for travellers
  • Good for mums to be
  • Perfect for layered clothing
  • Capsule wardrobe key item
  • Sustainable concept
  • Fits with the rest of your wardrobe

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Removable straps are made of polyester with elastane. Hooks are non-allergenic.

This TUUB has a silky shine and it feels like artificial material because it is a one! The new era recycled polyamide breathes extreamely well and has the benefits for light travellers, pregos and just lazy people: fast-dry, light weight, extreamely long lasting quality, color stays 100% after numerous washing/wearing cycles, super easy to care for!




tuub kingiidee mida kinkida naisele


TUUB hugs your body tenderly but firmly. Have a look at the images shot on the real model to see how TUUB fits. It fits perfectly :) The shoulderstraps avoid your TUUB from sliding down your body even if you run or jump, but if you want to wear your TUUB as a skirt or scarf or any other way - just remove the straps.

TUUB is available in three sizes. 

TWIGGY size is for very small women. The sizes are Small or Extra Small in an international language. 34-36 in EU and 6 in the UK sizing.

MARILYN size is for a slightly more curvy lady. Medium in an international language. 36-40 in EU and 8-10 in the UK sizing. It is also fine for small women who like their TUUB a bit lose.
But hey, your TUUB is made of the fine stretchable material that fits anyway. It's just a question of how much you want it to hug you.

RUBENS size is for a curvy lady. L - XL or 40-42, maybe 44 in EU sizes. 12-14 in the UK sizing.


Twiggy size (XS/S): Width 33 cm (13 inches), Length 75 cm (30 inches)
Marilyn size (S/M): Width 37,5 cm (14,7 inches), Length 75 cm (30 inches)
Rubens size (L/XL): Width 42 cm (16,5 inches), Length 75 cm (30 inches)


The first rule: wear it and wash it with love. Your TUUB likes a normal machine wash, just turn the TUUB inside out. Do not use the drying machine. In order to keep bright colours shiny longer, you might wash it by hand. In machine separate colors like usual. Moderate ironing is allowed if you really are the ironing person ;) 


This TUUB is a sustainable and multifunctional garment made of recycled polyamide. This innovative fabric, made in Italy, gives your body the best possible UV protection, breathing space and no pilling at all. TUUB is ultra-soft and feels cool, even silky on your body. Not cotton-like! If you prefer cotton-like then TUUB #newage made of sustainable Tencel is your choice. In order to have a fine finish and embrace yourself even more tenderly, TUUB is made of double fabric, so no transparency - only comfort. 

TUUB is designed and manufactured in Estonia. We ship it to you in a lovely tube-package made of recycled cardboard. Share your exciting TUUB-moments with us by uploading your photo on Instagram #ilovetuub #tuubisgood or www.facebook.com/tuubofficial. We are happy to get your feedback.

TUUB is playful yet highly practical travel garment.
Life is a journey as well. Pack light & travel in style!


83% Recycled Polyamide
17% Lycra Elastane



 taastöödeldud kangast lilelline tuub 




TUUB is made in Estonia