TUUB #femmefatale

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TUUB #femmefatale arrived!

Wear it as a long body cocoon, minidress, go to red carpet or make your spouse smile at home. You can wear another TUUB under the fatal dress as well to cover the transparency and add some subtle shade. See the style hacks HERE.

TUUB femme fatale

TUUB femme fatale   TUUB femme fatale   TUUB femme fatale


TUUB hugs your body tenderly but firmly. Have a look at the images shot on the real model to see how TUUB fits. It fits perfectly :) The shoulderstraps avoid your TUUB from sliding down your body even if you run or jump, but if you want to wear your TUUB as a skirt or scarf or any other way - just remove the straps.

TUUB is available in three sizes. 

TWIGGY size is for very small women. The sizes are Small or Extra Small in an international language. 34-36 in EU and 6 in the UK sizing.

MARILYN size is for a slightly more curvy lady. Medium in an international language. 36-40 in EU and 8-10 in the UK sizing. It is also fine for small women who like their TUUB a bit lose.
But hey, your TUUB is made of the fine stretchable material that fits anyway. It's just a question of how much you want it to hug you.

RUBENS size is for a curvy lady. L - XL or 40-42, maybe 44 in EU sizes. 12-14 in the UK sizing.



Twiggy size (XS/S): Width 33 cm (13 inches), Length 125 cm (49 inches)
Marilyn size (S/M): Width 38 cm (14,7 inches), Length 125 cm (49 inches)
Rubens size (L/XL): Width 43 cm (16,5 inches), 125 cm (49 inches)


The first rule: wear it and wash it with love. Hand wash is recommended. Moderate ironing is allowed.


83% Recycled Polyamide
17% Lycra Elastane

Mesh details: regular polyamide with elastane.


Muse measures in centimeters: 83 / 66 / 94 and she is wearing Twiggy size (XS/S)

Femme fatale