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Stylish, warm, comfortable - this is merino wool!

Merino wool is luxurious natural material for modern people with high expectations. Merino garments are the most breathable of the common apparel types because of wool’s ability to absorb and release twice as much moisture vapour as cotton, and thirty times as much as polyester. Because merino resists odour naturally, these products are ideal for multi-day adventures. 16,5-micron superfine merino wool is considered the best natural next-to-skin fibre ever.


96% superfine MERINO wool (16,5-micron, first-layer)
4% Elastane


Twiggy size (XS/S): With 33 cm (13 inches), Length 72 cm (28 inches)
Marilyn size (S/M): With 37,5 cm (14,7 inches), Length 72 cm (28 inches)
Rubens size (L/XL): With 42 cm (16,5 inches), Length 72 cm (28 inches)


- Ultra-soft, so it does not "bite" like regular wool!
- Warm in winter, cold in summer.
- Regulates your body temperature.
- Absorbs moisture
- Naturally odour resistance
- Helps with health conditions like rheumatism and radiculitis.
  Soft and fine merino is recommended also for eczema.
- Easy to care! Mostly needs to air, sometimes to wash with a soap and gentle regular hand wash.

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Wool garments are naturally antibacterial and do not retain dirt or odours quickly, so you do not need to wash this garment frequently. Be sure to air your TUUB #merino regularly.
We recommend hand wash, but it is not necessary if you are in rush.
It is best to use a Wool or Delicate cycle for these garments, along with a Woolmark-approved laundry detergent. Do not use wash rinse aid and do not tumble dry.

 merino tuub care instructions

Find Woolmark’s easy tips how to care for wool.

PS! Did you know that a merino sheep can only produce a maximum of five kilos of wool a year? And they are bred by only a limited number of farms. That's why merino is so exclusive and quite expensive.

 TUUB merino first layer high perfoming travel light