TUUB SHOTGUN basic#003

Price: 69,00 €


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NEW TUUB SHOTGUN is made of heavy and tight recycled fabric!

Product featured: 

  • Tight and slimming fit 
  • Horse rider cut
  • Recycled material
  • Totally on-transparent fabric with modern mesh details
  • 2 way strech 


Perfect for: 

  • Fitness
  • Instagram selfies

Suitable for:

  • City break
  • Travel
  • Hiking 
  • Suits well with TUUB merino leg warmers!


TUUB leggings recycled instagram

Her measures in centimeters: 83 / 66 / 94 and she is wearing Twiggy size (XS/S)


83% Recycled Polyamide (made of old fish nets)
17% Lycra Elastane

Mesh detail: classic polyamide with Lycra elastane

Renew Fine fabric



TUUB SHOTGUN legings are now available in three sizes:

TWIGGY size (XS/S) is for very small women. The sizes are Small or Extra Small in an international language. 34-36 in EU and 6 in UK sizing.

MARILYN size (S/M) is for a slightly more curvy lady. Medium in international language. 36-40 in EU and 8-12 in UK sizing.

RUBENS size (L/XL) for curvy plus size lady. Large or Extra Large in international language. 40-44 in EU and 14-16 in UK sizing.


First rule: wear it and wash it with love. Your TUUB SHOTGUN likes a normal machine wash 40 degrees celsius. In order to keep bright colors shiny longer, wash it separately from darker clothes or textiles that might bleed. 

how to care of TUUB leggings