TUUB SHOTGUN #secondskin

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INNOVATION! TUUB SHOTGUN #secondskin is here! Leggings that keep your butt warm, moisturize your skin and nourish it with vitamin E and aloe vera. Unbelievable!

Wear under your jeans or under other leggings to get firm feeling and super-smooth legs for the night ;) Encapsulated moisturais works best til 20 washings.

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NOVAREL ANTI-OX, is a nylon micro-fibre that incorporates a cosmetic based on Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to help the skin to fight against oxidation during the garment use.


73% Polyamide
27% Lycra Elastane


TUUB leggings are available in two sizes. * Both sizes strech enough also vertically to fit even for supermodels :)

TWIGGY size is for very small women. The sizes are Small or Extra Small in an international language. 34-36 in EU and 6 in UK sizing.

MARILYN size is for slightly curvier ladies. Medium in international language. 36-40 in EU and 8-10 in UK sizing. 


First rule: wear it and wash it with love. Your TUUB  leggings like a normal machine wash 40 degrees Celsius. In order to keep bright colors shiny longer, wash it separately from darker clothes or textiles that might bleed. In order to keep innovative NOVAREL ANTI-OX capsules last longer, we suggest also hand wash and not to add fabric softener!