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Russian summer delight

04.06.2014 / 0 comments
Russian summer delight

Here is a recept Jamie will be jelous :) Fast and easy salted cucumbers.

All you need: small cucumbers, garlic, black currant leaves (well, your better have a garden) salt and dill, preferably fresh one but I had dried this time). 


Cut the ends off cucumbers and slice  along into four...or as you prefere. Slice garlic: make it fast and easy, perfection is no needed here.

Set all into a storing box (you can also use ordinary plastic bags!), sprinkle with salt.

Close and shake the box or bag for a few minutes. Perfect if you have a man in the house, let him shake, let him show his muscle, my dear :)  The maximum one hour after you can eat delicious freshly salted cucumbers. #lovit

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