Take a walk around the Globe with TUUB!

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Take a walk around the Globe with TUUB!


Proudly introducing TUUB lovers, nomads and fashionistas around the planet Earth! 

Street Fashion Experiment took place and here are the amazing TUUBERS who participated the very first time.

Ashima Gandhi – India, New Delhi

Meet this gorgeous Tuuber from the colourful Spiceland-India. Ashima Gandhi is a co-founder of Rashima Collective clothing line that personifies individualism and nomadism.

Ashima is fond of experimenting and she chose dark brown TUUB to bring some earthiness to her soft nomadic look. She is using creatively TUUB as a head scarf, which is a clever trick to avoid getting sun burned, head aches and damaging your hair in the summer heat. For creating similar natural look in this summer go for TUUB Merino



Maarja Koovit – Mexico, Mexico City

Estonian model and fashionista is travelling light with TUUB in Mexico while attrackting locals with her brave blue TUUB. She is an excellent role model for newbies who want to try bright colours during the summer season. SKY FALL is definitely the right choice which will most likely also invite Bond-type people to your life!



Shanaz Pantry – England, Sheffield


This vibrant fashion blogger adores TUUB and uses it every single day awesomly. Today she has chosen Lollypop style TUUB and she wears it as a neck scarf on top of her summery sports shirt. She is also experimenting with TUUB in the office and combining it well with a classy shirt. "Go creative," is what Shanaz recommends to all new TUUBERS. 



Amung Tadu- India, Ziro Valley

Adorable Among is from the world heritage village in India and enjoys organizing rock festival and introducing locals and tourists new places in India by being a travel expert. She has also gain recognition in the local tribal beauty contest and is proud to present TUUB in India.  Her favourite TUUB is Red Rockabilly and she loves to wear it as a skirt combined with casual top and jacket. Simplicity is the key word for her stylish look.

Kristina Herodes, Estonia, Tallinn

Lady who blogs about fashion and tries it out herself. Kristina Herodes is fond of TUUB as it is easy to combine with absolutely everything and can take very many different forms on your body. This time she has chosen polka dots TUUB, but as we are celebrating EV100 this year then stripes are  good alternatives for spots. 



Marilin Sikkal

Marilin Sikkal kleidid


Norma Cra Carmina TUUBKadri Vahe

TUUB foto Madis Lember Kadri Vahe

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