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What is TUUB?

what is tuub

TUUB is a minimalistic strapless tube top. Simple, yet amazingly multifunctional!

TUUB is a sustainable product made of recycled polyamide. This innovative fabric, made in Italy, gives your body the best possible UV protection, breathing space and no pilling at all. TUUB is ultra-soft and feels cool; even silky on your body. In order to have a fine finish and embrace yourself more tenderly, TUUB is made of double fabric, so no transparency - only comfort. 

TUUB is a quality product for nosy fashionistas as well as light travellers. Travelling light was the motto in mind when creating TUUB. It's also an emergency item. A simple garment you can mix and match with your wardrobe or  independently. Why not wear two or three TUUBs together? We think it is wise to have a TUUB in the purse for the many situations that travelling (read: life) may manifest:

      You are invited to the red carpet event. This is when TUUB becomes handy again as it can easily be your little black dress.

       You are visiting a mosque but wearing short clothing. You can wear TUUB as a long skirt or as a hood to cover your head and even shoulders together.

  You are on the beach but forgot your bikini. You can wrap TUUB around your breasts or make an ultra mini skirt. Or just to cover your curves while walking down the beach.
By clicking here you can discover many ways to wrap TUUB.

      There is a sudden need for a petticoat or a night dress. Here you are, TUUB is good for both occasions.

      You wanna show off. TUUB can be your little red dress...or little pink or blue dress. Why not a little crazy carrot dress.

  We also discovered that TUUB is super-good for pregnant ladies to cover the belly or even wear it as a statement for a happy mum to be.

  You broke your arm. We wish you wouldn't but if... then use TUUB as a stylish armband instead of or additional to the medical ones.
  TUUB delicately hides all the "feminine extra" on your belly when worn crinkled.

      And of course… from now on TUUB helps you out every morning when you are in a hurry to work and feel you have nothing to wear… and you are tired of going out having the same look as the day before. Sounds familiar? Well, it did to us before TUUB.

TUUB is designed and manufactured in Estonia. It's shipped in a lovely tube-package made of recycled cardboard in Sweden. So the total carbon footprint is quite small and we love it, dare say, we are proud of it.